Cyber Eve

About the project

Cyber Eve is a collection of 4096 unique hand drawn Non-Fungible Eves who live in Nu-Eden (New Heaven) in the Metaverse on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Each Eve is completely unique based on a multitude of possible traits and features.
All Eves feature our own hand-drawn 3D model.
Each Eve is randomly generated and is designed by the way it sees its residual self-image.
Your Cyber-Eve NFT does not only serve you as an artwork but it becomes your entry ticket to Nu Eden.
Becoming a part of the Cyber-Eve Family means you join a family of people who have great belief in Web 3.0, Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology.


  • 10%

    In The Beginning ..

    Opening our social media platforms - opening our discord server and our official twitter. Starting our whitelist process which will include giveaways , quizzes and more! Only the most prestige Eves will enter our whitelist and secure their spot in Nu-Eden.
  • 25%


    Finalizing artwork and getting ready for the project's launch. 4096 Cyber-Eves will launch on the Ethereum blockchain and begin their journey in Nu-Eden. However, this is the very beginning of what we have planned in our sleeves.
  • 50%

    Where Metaverse And Real World Meet

    Our merch store is coming to life! hoodies, shirts, and more to be announced soon We are also giving away 100 real life Cyber-Eve sculptures. Each winner will have his own Eve made for him.
  • 75%

    The Journey Just Begins

    Implementation of Nu-Eden into the Metaverse and create a hub for our Eve community
    Free apple airdrop for holders to give their Eve which will create the next Cyber collection by consuming the apple
  • 100%

    One of her ribs

    Introducing Cyber Adam a continuation project for Cyber Eves.
    Roadmap 2.0 Cyber Adam - TBA

Marketing & Community

Marketing & Community

Team Lead & Developer

Cato Hugo
Design Lead

Rev O'
3D Artist

Web Developer & Designer