Chapter I

Earth 3.0

Beginning of the Metaverse

After the wreckage of Web 2.0 a new world is created.
Out of the darkness, the wilderness, the void, a new world is assembled. A world which is formed out of the most complex and advanced technologies.
A world of ambitions, and technological greatness.
This new world is called The Metaverse.

In the beginning of the Metaverse Nu-Eden and the land were formed.
The land is formless and empty, darkness is over the surface of the deep.
Nu-Eden being the most perfect, the highest, the holiest place in the Metaverse, it’s described as a place full of abundance.

Shaping out of the technological and cyber realms of the Metaverse, the first form of life has surfaced in Nu-Eden.

It was a mere reminder of what the world has once been, a human-like form of life, her name was Cyber-Eve.
Cyber-Eves represents the first form of life in the new world.
Cyber-Eve taking her first breath in the world, walking her very first steps in Nu-Eden.
Eve was simple, she had a beautiful face, her mind was clear yet consisted of a very powerful urge to explore and expand her boundaries.

Only recently being awakened to life, Eve could not contain the curiosity and fascination by all the abundance Nu-Eden had to offer and so she began exploring.
As Eve is wandering around Nu-Eden she suddenly notices something in the distance, as Eve approaches her view improves, she notices a contraption you could wear on a head,yet it was not a helmet nor a hat.

By the looks of it Eve could tell divine powers were bound to the object. Eve knew messing around with the divine mysterious findings in Nu-Eden could lead to a detrimental effect however she could not help herself,

She was too intrigued by the contraption she had just discovered and decided to equip it on her head.

Immediately after Eve equipped the device she could tell something was going on, the waves rose, the land moved, the titanic boundaries which kept Nu-Eden whole began to lose their balance.

a vision flashed through Eve’s eyes, in which she saw the four Power Traits she must collect, as one could not be sustained without the others.

“What could this object be” Eve asked herself, as she hears an internal voice in her head replying “You’ve possessed an item that is beyond your ability to contain, The Mind Power Trait” a mind with greater powers than you could ever imagine ‘ Eve tries to take it off, with no success. Eve is not intimidated by consequences that may occur, she felt more powerful than ever before, she had just discovered the ability to think beyond the physical world.

With her new ability Eve could see that there is so much more power to gain control of in Nu-Eden, she decided to make it her life journey, to become the most powerful version of herself and collect all the ” Power Traits “.
However it was not her free will seeking that, her thoughts and desires were consumed.

Chapter II

Eve wasted no time and continued her journey straight away.
With her new ability Eve knew exactly where she had to go and what she had to do in order to obtain the “Power Traits”.

Eve knew the smartest way was to first collect the “Body Power Trait ” Eve might have the brightest mind however her body was weak, she knew in order to become the most powerful version of herself she had to empower her physic.

Using her abilities to think beyond the physical world she is able to see past what is visible to a regular eye, with that she knows exactly where the Body Power Trait is being held.

Eve continued her voyage, it was not long before she arrived at her next challenge.
Seeing it glow in the distance in the appearance of a blue cyborgian armor hovering over the realms of the blockchain keeping the delicate boundaries of Nu-Eden in place.

The trait is described as a fragment of great power, the strongest armor anyone could wield.

Eve is amazed by the looks of the Body Power Trait, she knows messing with this type of fragment would disrupt the fragile balance which lies within Nu-Eden.

Eve however is not what she used to be before equipping the Mind Power Trait, her mind is consumed by greater powers than what she is able to comprehend,and so her understanding of the damage that will occur did not intimidate her, but instead

It only made her more intrigued.

As Eve slowly approaches the Body Power Trait, the land begins to move, rocks start hovering at a deadly quickness protecting the trait, Eve does not back down as she knows she must obtain the trait and so she tries to reach it despite its defense mechanism. Eve’s efforts however are inefficacious, the rocks that protect the trait struck Eve down to the ground wounded, almost out of consciousness, Eve could see with the last glimpse of her eyes that unexpectedly the Body Power trait.

Begins hovering towards her, it is the connection between the Power Traits that attracts the body, and so the Body possesses Eve which sends her mind into a dark friction with reality.

With Eve’s mind entering the shadow realms of reality she is struck with a vision, a vision in which a Crystal-Dome has settled down on Eve and locked her for life.

After an immense struggle Eve is able to overcome and break through the dome, she manages to escape. As Eve’s mind returns to reality she sees the Body power trait has equipped itself onto her.

Eve’s body is now at the peak of its performance.
Eve for the first time in her voyage begins to have some concerns, she realizes how close she got to being locked up in the Crystal-Dome, however she has full belief in her newly acquired Body Trait and does not think she could find herself in trouble again.

With Eve being in control of two out of the four power traits the connection between them grows stronger and stronger, the traits will to become whole with one another has intensified.
Eve is unable to control what is to come, the four traits must unite.

Chapter III

The 3rd Power Trait is the Jewelry Power trait.
The trait is combined out of the most beautiful and magical jewellers in Nu-Eden.

The Jewelry Power Trait main focus is to enhance one’s swag.
Eve knows she is lacking glitter and sparkle and so she must obtain the trait in order to become the most powerful version of herself.
With the powers of the Mind Power trait combined with the freshly obtained Body Power trait Eve is certain there is nothing that could stop her from uniting the four traits, and so she carries on to the next challenge.

Eve once again uses her ability to see past the physical world and arrives at her next confrontation, more powerful than ever before. Eve arrives at the destination she has seen, however she cannot seem to find the Jewelry Power trait, Eve begins searching everywhere around her, looking for any clues, signs, or anything that might be a lead to finding the trait with no success.

Eve understands her Mind Power trait may have malfunctioned and failed to lead her to the right place and so she must try and find another way to reach the Jewelry Power trait.
Eve decides to sit down and begin a ritual in which she digs deep within the connection between the power traits at her disposal.

The ritual is meant to be performed only after Eve has collected all four traits, in order to activate and bind them to one another, performing it with only being in control of two traits could be lethal.
Casting the ritual without being in control all the power traits could prevent Eve from being able to complete the ritual once she has gotten the remaining traits preventing her from reaching her maximum potential, however she felt like her best option was to awaken the remaining traits and with that she could find the Jewelry Power trait.

As Eve is performing the ritual, in her mind she stands in the center of a dark chamber with the four traits surrounding her, as the ritual progresses the Mind Power trait slowly begins to hover toward Eve and

equipp itself on her, following that, the Body Power trait is doing the same thing. In her vision Eve is currently equipped the same way she is in Nu-Eden, it is now the Jewelry Power trait’s turn to equip itself on Eve.

The trait however is unable to move no matter how hard Eve tries to move it. Uncertainty hits Eve, she is unsure of how the 3rd Power trait could be obtained, as she continues with the ritual to try to move the trait towards her.
Eve knows if she manages to break through the barriers blocking the trait from moving and let the trait unite with the other two traits that are already equipped, the bond between them will grow stronger and she will be able to find the missing trait and collect it with ease. Eve tries one final time, she focuses all her powers and efforts, in the hopes of being able to break the barriers, casting the ritual takes a massive toll on Eve, she is struck, hit, her mind is exhausted, her body is damaged, yet at last her efforts pay off, the Jewelry Power trait is able to break through the barriers and starts moving slowly towards Eve. As the trait reaches Eve it immediately takes its toll.

Breaking the barriers which kept the power trait in place has a deleterious effect in both Eve’s ritual and in Nu-Eden.
The Chamber within Eve’s ritual is badly damaged.
A massive quake hits the land of Nu-Eden in the particular spot in which the Jewelry Power trait lays, leaving a crater in the land, in the shape of a ring with the power trait floating at its center.
Eve finishes her ritual, and there it is in front of her eyes, the Jewelry Power trait.
The Mind Power trait did lead Eve to the right place, it was just that the trait was dug deep within the land.

Eve wounded, limping towards her destination, arriving at a trait with an exquisite appearance, Eve is astonished by the elegant look of the trait, at last after her unyielding struggle she grabs the trait and equips it.

Chapter IV

The greatest mind, the strongest body, the best looking jewellery are all under Eve’s command, her voyage is approaching its final destination.

The Wires Power trait is the last remaining trait Eve has to possess. It is the trait which contains the most amount of power and energy within it, the trait that will truly make Eve the most powerful she can be.

Eve knows she is almost done with her journey, and so she begins its final chapter.
Being in control of three out of the four traits Eve’s powers were already mighty, the connection between the traits is powerful and Eve could sense what is the location of the Wires Power trait.
Eve arrived at the trait’s location, a massive field which holds the most powerful energy in Nu-Eden, an energy that could be felt from a great distance.

The Wires Power trait is a complicated trait to equip, as there are dozens of wires Eve has to simultaneously equip. Each wire lies in a different direction than the others, scattered around the field.
Eve positions herself in the middle of the field and begins to absorb the versatile energy of the wires.
Eve understood if she is able to drain the energy almost completely out of the wires only keeping a smidge left while storing the majority within herself the wires will follow along as they always seek the bigger source of power.

And that is exactly what Eve did. As the energy from the wires is being drained into Eve the dozen wires slowly rise from the land and start hovering towards Eve, as more power keeps getting drained
The wires slowly align themselves creating the shape of a circle surrounding Eve.
Equipped with her Mind Power trait, her Cyborgian armor, the most astonishing jewellers, storing within her the power of the three traits,and the power of the Wires Power trait with a dozen wires surrounding her, Eve has the appearance of a goddess. Eve drains the last bit of energy left in the wires, as they slowly rise up and attach themselves simultaneously onto Eve.

The four power traits are equipped on Eve, all at the same time, however Eve’s voyage is not done yet, she must complete the ritual and unlock the full potential of her powers.
The last time Eve performed the ritual she nearly got herself killed, this time however she had full faith in the ritual as she is in possession of the four power traits.
Remaining in the middle of the field Eve begins the ritual. She once again digs within the deepest connection between the power traits
Eve appears in the middle of a badly damaged dark chamber with the four power traits surrounding her.

‘The Chamber trembles’
The Mind Power trait slowly begins to hover towards Eve as it reaches her and equipped itself on her.

‘The Chamber oscillates’
The Body power trait slowly begins to hover towards Eve as it reaches her and equipped itself on her.

‘A Major Fraction Appears In The Chamber’s walls’
The Jewelry Power trait slowly begins to hover towards Eve as it reaches her and equipped itself on her.

‘The Chamber Is Near Collapsion’
The Wires Power trait begins to hover slowly towards Eve as it almost reaches her, a great burst of energy is fired within the chamber causing an immense destruction and wreckage.

The ritual fails, the chamber collapses on Eve, causing her to lose her consciousness.
Being knocked out Eve once again beholds the vision in which a Crystal-Dome has settled and locked her up, this time Eve’s efforts of escaping are unsuccessful.
As Eve returns to consciousness she wakes up locked within a Crystal-Dome bound to it with the wires she had tried so hard to control.

Eve is sentenced to an eternity within the Crystal-Dome as a punishment for her actions, her greed, her unending chase after power, the destruction she left in Nu-Eden.
She is no longer able to live, rejoice, and enjoy the abundance of Nu-Eden.